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We Have Been Exactly Where You Are!

So, what about the fortifier program is better than the other programs out there?

It’s a fair question and the difference is, we have been where you are and turned our own businesses into 6 and 7 figure companies. We are also still in the trenches every single day making our ventures grow, just like you.

Utilising the outline of the fortifier program we have taken 100’s of coaches from 0 clients to generating multiple leads every single week. Working with so many online coaches enables us to see first hand what marketing strategies are working best to scale coaches organically as quickly as possible.

In other words, we know what you need to be doing right now to take the next step in your business!

SO, How Does It Work?

We Have Been Exactly Where You Are!

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Do I Really Need An Agency To Run My Facebook Ads?

If you want to increase your revenue and maximise your ROI, then Limitless is here to help with our revolutionary Facebook advertising strategies.

Facebook is one of the most effective places to promote your coaching business and at Limitless, we specialise in creating ads that drive profitable growth and reach more of your most desirable clients.

Facebook ads marketing can be extremely competitive, but unlike other companies we focus on creating ads that not only get your brand seen but also lead to lifelong customers.

In fact, our strategies have helped countless clients to double and even triple their profits due to the number of leads generated from their Facebook campaigns.

Facebook advertising is definitely the way of the future and is becoming the number one way to reach new customers and keep old ones. If you want your business to be on the cutting edge when it comes to building a social media presence, Limitless is here to guide the way.

Limitless is a leading  Marketing Consultant and has helped countless Coaches brands to grow their social reach and increase profits.

When you sign on with our Facebook marketing agency, we will also share with you some of the amazing tips and tricks that we have learnt along the way so you can maximise every single ad pound you spend.

Are Facebook Ads Really Effective?

Is water really wet?

Look, anyone who says Facebook ads don’t work… is someone who either has no idea how to run Facebook marketing, or they have been burned by partnering with a sub-par agency or marketer.

When done correctly, Facebook ads can be the most powerful lead generation and customer acquisition platform on the planet.

As a cold traffic source, Coaches have the ability to reach millions of people who may have never heard of your company before.

The secret lies in the Facebook pixel which is undoubtedly one of, if not, the most advanced digital marketing algorithms in the world. The pixel uses Artificial Intelligence to gather data on users who purchase your products, download your ebooks and enter into your funnel, and then uses that data to find more hungry prospects like those who have already engaged with your business.

Through the effective use of direct response copy, eye-catching creatives, method-driven campaign builds and savage optimisations, Facebook dominates the digital marketing world and still is the most effective customer acquisition platform on the planet, along with Google.

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

How long is a piece of string?

The cost of Facebook advertising is different for every business. The price you’ll pay will depend on the following factors:

  • Market Size (If there’s 10,000 people in your market Vs 10,000,000 in your market, your cost to advertise will be different)
  • Business Goals (If you want to achieve 10 leads per day Vs 50 leads per day, your cost to advertise will be different)
  • Competition In The Market (If your market is saturated with competitors offering a service/product at a similar price Vs if your market has minimal competitors, your cost to advertise will be different)

The reality is, we don’t treat ANY business with a one-size fits all quote. What we do instead, is carefully tailor every single campaign suggestion based on all the research and information we can gather. So, our pricing depends on all the nuances and requirements of your business and niche. Beware of any agency who says Facebook Ads cost X amount, because the chances are they don’t truly know what it takes to be successful on this platform.

What Makes Limitless The Best Choice For A Facebook Marketing Company?

We have had more success with exclusively online coaches than most agencies around the world. Why? This is because everything we do is based on becoming obsessed with the fitness industry and generating clients.

Everything that we do for our clients uses exactly the same learnings, theories and processes that we use for our own marketing as an agency. There are so many ‘gurus’ out there who are telling you to run Facebook ads and they aren’t even running ads themselves. 

We live and breathe the industry and are in the trenches ourselves every day working out how to smash your competition.

What Is The Best Facebook Marketing Strategy?

The best Facebook marketing strategy is one which is customised to your particular target market, tailored specifically for your coaching business. There is no cookie-cutter approach here.

Every single coach works in different ways, with different offerings, different opportunities and different USPs (Unique Selling Points). Even more importantly, though, is knowing who your target market is. Identify their pain points, their hopes and dreams, and their ideal situation. Where are they in the buyer’s journey (have they just begun looking for the solution to their problem, or are they completely unaware that a solution exists)?

Think about it like this; everyone is trying to move away from their current state into an ideal situation. What is it that your business does that allows your prospective customers to enter that ideal state? How should you position this?

Once you understand that your market is everything, then you can think about how to position your business and your offering on Facebook.

Do I Need A Website?

This depends on a couple of factors. For example; if you’re already running traffic to some form of lead function that then we can run ads to. 

For Lead Generation campaigns, we would like to build out a sales funnel that includes landing pages for Facebook traffic. Once again, we may make recommendations that will help to optimise the performance of your campaign.

What Makes A Good Facebook Ad?

There’s a number of elements that make a good Facebook ad. These include:

Direct Response Copywriting – The process of writing direct sales copy to elicit a response from the reader.

Creatives – The ability to make thumb-stopping creatives that capture the attention of the audience.

Campaign Build – The process of building a strategic funnel within Facebook’s platform.

Audience Targeting – The ability to identify markets and audiences that will lead to strong performance.

Offer – The ability to create value in a way that gives the reader no option but to take action.

Conversion Rate – The percentage of conversion that occurs from the traffic generated by Facebook.

Other important elements include Ad congruence, Headlines, Lead-Ins, Testimonials, Reviews, User-Generated Content and so much more.